Are EverQuest 3 and PlanetSide 3 in development at Daybreak?

EverQuest 3

Who's ready for some tasty rumors? You? Alright then, join me for a ride as we dig up some anonymous tips about Daybreak Game Company and the likeliness of new MMOs in the making.

So, first some much-needed context. Daybreak has recently been in some sort of pickle, as it was discovered that the company wasn't exactly purchased by Columbus Nova in 2015, but directly by Jason Epstein (more juicy details at Massively Op). This has brought a lot of bad press to the developer, with some layoffs and miscommunication.

Fast forward to now, when an alleged ex-employee of Daybreak went over to Reddit (of course) to leave some details on what the studio is working on, as well as some considerations over current titles. Here is the statement, and we'll muse over it right after:

EverQuest 3 PlanetSide 3

So, PlanetSide 3 is in development, and it's going to be a team-based Battle Royale game? How awesome is that? I mean, this Battle Royale thing could go big someday, and PlanetSide 3 is surely going to be one of the first games to use it, right? Now with sarcasm turned off: sounds fishy.

Also, EverQuest 3 is back, but it's not EverQuest Next; instead it's supposed to “compete with Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen” (what?!) and will be “the first fantasy MMORPG to put an emphasis on team battle royal PvP.” How exciting, this is just what EverQuest players ever wanted. And “the first”, as in don't count with Moonlight Blade or MapleStory 2, to begin with? This “insider” seems to be a bit disconnected with the real MMO world.

As for the rest of the info, nothing surprising there. More expansions for EverQuest and its sequel, Just Survive is dying (anyone can see that the player base is decreasing and the game is pretty much abandoned by the devs), and PlanetSide 2 is bound to stick around for a while more.

All of this makes us think that the rumors are bound to be the work of a troll, in particular the “let's get Battle Royale everywhere” bit. Daybreak was supposedly developing a free-to-play shooter called Mythwarden and our insider doesn't seem to have anything on that as well. Hey, maybe they turned it into a Battle Royale game?

What are your thoughts?

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