MapleStory 2 is the latest game to join the Battle Royale craze

MapleStory 2 battle royale mode

The Battle Royale craze is expanding from your obviously suited games – shooters – to others that aren't exactly built for survival combat. After the fantasy MMORPG Moonlight Blade revealing that a BR mode is already in the test servers, now it's time for another MMORPG to add a Battle Royale modeMapleStory 2.

The MapleStory 2 Battle Royale mode is called Mush King Championship, comes with the latest update and puts 50 players in the battlefield, with only one coming out as the winner. Battle pets are included as well as some MOBA trappings, such as mobs and the ability for players to hide in bushes and other places.

This mode is the first thing that you can watch in the video below, around the 00:30 mark.

The MapleStory 2 global version enters closed beta on May 9, 2018.

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