Three more sci-fi gods are revealed for Ascendant One

Ascendant One gods Athena Prometheus Hebe

Nexon keeps on revealing the Ascendant One characters three at a time. Once again, it's a short video that looks like one of those car adverts, where you can appreciate the slick lines and shiny metallic paint.

But I digress. Ascendant One's latest trio is comprised of Athena, Prometheus and Hebe, once more keeping up with the gods and goddesses gone sci-fi theme. Hebe, in case you don't know, is the goddess of youth and daughter of Zeus and Hera. The big question remains: are these in-game character models or just high-resolution versions that will be downgraded for the 5v5 MOBA?

We'll have to wait and see, with the Early Access in Korea being scheduled for later this year.

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