Ascent: Infinite Realm SEA open beta begins soon

Ascent: Infinite Realm SEA

News on Krafton's (previously Bluehole) upcoming steampunk-ish MMO are few and far between, and we haven't heard much since the news of the SEA closed beta last April. The new MMORPG from the makers of TERA is overtly ambitious but is yet to prove if it lives up to the expectations. Perhaps the Ascent: Infinite Realm SEA open beta could help you make up your mind.

As spotted by MassivelyOp, a Hungarian site is reporting that publisher Asiasoft / PlayPark is planning on accelerating the release of Ascent: Infinite Realm to help cover its recent losses. Sounds like a great plan that isn't surely going to fail at all. I mean, who doesn't love rushed games, right?

According to the same site, the Korean version of Ascent: Infinite Realm is scheduled for a December launch, but that could change in the meantime. As for the SEA game, a date isn't set in stone, but it looks like Q1 2020 is the current goal.

There was a recent internal focus group test in Korea, and while there was an NDA, one player reportedly love the changes since the pre-open beta. The previous grindy and buggy version also featured over-complicated systems, but now the game is “super cool” with plenty of improvements.

The same player said that he didn't notice the eight hours of testing passing by, as he was having so much fun. He summed it up in the following sentence:

“The development team did a great job. This game has been great, I will be addicted just oh please release this very very fast.”

Brace yourselves for the next big thing? We'll reserve our judgment for a hands-on preview or player impressions from the Ascent: Infinite Realm SEA open beta, but it's good to think that Ascent: Infinite Realm is improving. The long development time and many millions invested in the game will hopefully be worth it. Kakao Games is publishing the game in North America and Europe.


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