ASTA: official launch today, new race and class announced

ASTA: The War of Tears and Winds is leaving open beta and officially launching today, Webzen has announced. Not only that, but the first expansion for this asian-inspired MMORPG is coming on May 31, 2016. Titled Myth I: Wrath of the Berserkers, it brings a few new dungeons and zones, but the highlight is the new race, the Raksa, which comes with the new melee class Berserker.

“The Raksa are a new race of humanoid creatures with a history reaching back thousands of years, and will be available for the Asu and Ora factions. Raksa characters will begin in Gate of Dawn, a special intro area for the new Raksa race. Players can then choose the desired starting area for their selected faction when leaving Gate of Dawn.

The Berserker is a new melee class, only available to characters of the Raksa race. Berserkers inflict damage by swinging their double weapons, such as swords or axes, with great power and speed. They exploit any gap left by a defeated enemy to mount their next attack. Using continuous attacks such as “Bloodstain”, rather than powerful single blows, Berserkers are well capable of turning a situation in their favour. Berserkers can also use Combat Art Skills to enhance their own strength, and Soul Skills to improve the strength of the summoned creature Cursed Doll.”

The expansion also raises the level cap to 55 and adds a new area named Wado, a new dungeon in the Mountain of Trials, along with new quests and achievements.

Here is the Raksa character creation video.

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