Atlas Reactor adds cat-like hybrid NEV:3 the Kitten Kaboomer

atlas reactor NEV:3 the Kitten Kaboomer

There's a new contender in Atlas Reactor: catgirl NEV:3 the Kitten Kaboomer. For some reason she uses laser hoops, or Catarangs, against her enemies, and there's a really clever touch in her name. In case you haven't figured it out yet, NEV:3 has a cat face emoticon right there, which is awesome! By the way, NEV:3 stands for New Evolutionary Variant no. 3.

NEV:3 is part of the Season 3 – Chapter 3 update that was released on July 11. To read more about her and see some of her alternate skins (Superstar, Catatronic and Treasure Hunter), you just have to go here. Catatronic is such a cool skin and also a nice pun.

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