Bandai Namco loves Duelyst so much they’re publishing it


Tactical card game Duelyst is about to get some help from a heavyweight: Bandai Namco Entertainment America. Developer Counterplay Games was open to opportunities to expand Duelyst and apparently the Bandai Namco team has plenty of fans of the game, playing almost daily. And so, this partnership will allow Counterplay to focus solely on development, with Bandai Namco taking on the publishing duties – things such as marketing and customer service.

You're probably wondering what changes for you, the player. No “drastic changes” are going to happen, Counterplay said, but we don't know if small changes could eventually happen. You know, publishers want money too. Anyway, let's not get too pessimistic. If you're a Duelyst player, you should merge your account with a BNEA account, so that Bandai Namco starts managing the servers and provide more stability.

There's also an event to celebrate the partnership. All players who log into Duelyst from July 11, 2017 through August 1, 2017 will receive three Core Set orbs and a special Bandai Namco Healing Mystic skin.

The Unearthed Prophecy expansion for Duelyst released on July 11.


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