Best of G-Star 2015 & Tencent Games Carnival 2015 (F2P Korea/China)

With G-Star 2015 and TCG 2015 (Tencent Games Carnival) behind us, we figured it is a good time to see which were the big games announced during these events. Our editor Rendermax made a nice little compilation video showing the big names in what free-to-play is concerned, or at least for those games that have all the indications of being released as F2P. While we can safely say that there wasn't any shocking announcement that we didn't already know about, there's a handful of good games coming soon or late 2016, including the inevitable Lost Ark, Soul Worker Online or Need For Speed Edge.

Watch the compilation video and right after it you can see all the info with the games and timestamps (for these to work properly use the video description on YouTube).

Game List:

0:08 – Lost Ark
1:17 – Blade & Soul (New Content)
2:30 – Moonlight Blade (KR)
3:37 – War Rage
5:15 – Sudden Attack 2
6:30 – Monster Hunter Online
7:38 – MXM (Master X Master)
8:37 – MXM Vita
9:08 – Kingdom Under Fire 2 (PS4)
10:53 – Tree of Savior
12:24 – Arpiel
13:21 – Need For Speed Edge
14:14 – Hyper Universe
14:52 – Soul Worker Online (JP)
16:09 – The Hunting Zone


16:36 – Durango
18:07 – HIT
18:35 – Lost Kingdom
18:49 – Super Fantasy War
19:26 – Mafia
21:07 – Special Force Mobile
21:49 – Samkuk Blade
22:24 – M.O.E (Master of Eternity)

Guild Wars 2 best MMORPG


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  • Martin Ivanov

    so many anime shits 😀 but the rest are good, mostly cant wait for lost ark and b&s. what genre are war rage and KUF2 ? they look similar and kind of moba

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    • killertron .

      KUF2 is like a normal instanced action mmo(maybe i can say hack’n slash?), but with rts elements, you dont only control you character, but you need to control you troops too, if you ever played any game from Total War series, it’s just like that. with one buttom you switch to action or rts mode, its kinda easy.

      I would say that the game is more focused on instances, i mean, dungeons, where you control you character and you troops, and need to kill all the enemies, bosses, or complete some objectives to complete the dungeon.

      But the game has it city where you can walk normally, with only you character and no troops, talk to npcs like merchants and see others players as well, and it has some regions which kinda works like a normal mmorpg, but with a more small scale, you can freely walk, kill some mobs, do some quests, talk to some npcs, see others players doing the same, and its where you find some dungeons entrances.

      You chose 3 characters, yeah, thats right, characters, not classes, they are gender locked, but you can costumize they appearance, just the face, hair, eyes and skin color, but the game is pretty good, has beautiful graphics, the only problem for me is that where i was playing i got a high ping, and the worst, it dont had too many players, probably due to IP block, even though it was not hard to bypass.

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  • Keiko Mushi

    I’ve been looking forward to Lost Ark and Moonlight Blade for a while now. There is this realization though that I will have to deal with changes made to cater for a whinier group of western blades that want the power and equipment with none of the effort. That just saddens me because it is what often deters releases for the western market.

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    • Collins

      Moonlight Blade looks amazing.

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      • Keiko Mushi


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  • Collins

    Out of all of the games in the video….I think the one I’d like to play the most is Sudden Attack 2.

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    • Kareem Shaheen

      I agree 🙂

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  • Prototype

    KUF2 nao pls!

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  • Keriku Gingosu

    war rage looks godlike

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