What happened to Bigpoint’s Game of Thrones MMO? We found out!

Game of Thrones: Winter Is Coming official game

In 2012, prolific browser-based games developer Bigpoint announced a new game, and one that could potentially turn out to be a hit. Based on HBO's acclaimed fantasy series Game of Thrones, this MMO was ultimately called Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms. There was no gameplay footage, only a short teaser and a few screenshots that led us to believe it would be a third-person action RPG with strategy elements. It was expected to release during 2013…

Fast forward to 2016, when someone asked Bigpoint if the game was still in development. The reply was clear: “The GoT MMO is being worked on.” But this statement was only followed by another two years of silence.

Now, in 2018, Yoozoo Games (makers of the League of Angels series, among others) reveals the new strategy browser title Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming. What happened to Bigpoint's MMO, we ask? Well, as it turns out, the Chinese studio purchased Bigpoint in 2016, and the previous Game of Thrones MMO was either canned or rebooted. It doesn't look like the two games share a lot of mechanics, but until we see this one in action, we can only guess.

So, we finally got some closure to this question – Bigpoint's Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms is no more, and the licence was used to develop Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming. The recent tweet below is proof that the two games gave way to this single game. Will the wait be worth it?

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