Black Desert gets two player mounts, bring a friend for the ride

Pearl Abyss acquires CCP Games

Black Desert Online is about to get two-player mounts soon, according to a recent blog post from publisher Daum. Maybe it's a way to take your best buddy along for the ride, or maybe it's a clever way to make sure that players band together more often and end with one of the complaints about Black Desert, which is the solo-focused gameplay. There's no mounted combat with these mounts, obviously, and both players take damage when under attack.

All in all, it's a nice addition encouraging players to explore the massive Black Desert world with their best buddies really close for most of the time.

The Black Desert Online English version could eventually be playable during 2015, if Daum doesn't stumble across some unexpected obstacles.

black desert 2 player mount black desert 2 player mount_2


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