Black Desert Korea going casual, western versions will be different

There's no denying that Black Desert Online has changed a lot since it entered the first closed beta in Korea. Currently in open beta, this ambitious and highly anticipated open world sandbox MMORPG has lost much of its ‘open world' and is turning into an MMO where players can solo much of it and reach endgame in about 24 hours, without much else to do.

Fansite has interviewed Brian Oh from developer Pearl Abyss and asked about all these issues, why the game is now so different from when it entered closed beta and why it's so easy. The reply points to a demand from the Korean players, a market where casual gamers are increasing in numbers in the last couple of years. Pearl Abyss also wants players to consider level 50 in Black Desert as the “starting point” of the game. There's more talk in the interview about some balance issues, such as the overpowered Blader class, the PvP limitations, the aggravating Karma system (where players who defend themselves also get bad karma), and plenty more. It's a good read and we recommend it, although Pearl Abyss ultimately says that most of the game will be adjusted according to demand and in tune with publisher Daum.

On the other hand, there's also mention of the North American and European versions, which will have “game balances and PvP modified based on market demand.” The best news is that the NA publisher (also Daum) wants to begin testing Black Desert in the region quickly, dates are being negotiated and more information shouldn't take that long. Black Desert Online's western beta was announced for 2015 and it is likely to happen, with a full launch in 2016.

The latest update launched yesterday and added the seventh class, the Valkyrie.

black desert valkyrie 2



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