Black Desert Mobile striker class punches its way into the game today

Black Desert Mobile striker class

The Black Desert Mobile Striker class just made it into the fantasy MMORPG today. Pearl Abyss keeps adding new classes and diverse content to the game, expanding on what was an in-depth MMO to begin with.

The Striker class is described as being one of the most popular classes in Black Desert Online, judging by the PC and console player feedback. Combining martial arts and street moves, the Striker is a dynamic fighter that excels at hand combat.

This update also marks the return of the Field of Valor mode, and there's a level up event to celebrate the arrival of the Striker class. Rewards include a Tier 2 Pet Chest, Boss Stamp, Ancient Tablet Chest, Shiny Accessory Chest, and Elgriffin’s Defense Gear Chest.

Finally, there's a Hot Time where players can earn 300% extra EXP. If you're looking to level up your main character quickly or to begin with a brand-new class, this is the time. You can activate Hot Time when you want to gain the extra EXP.

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