Here’s a short Blade & Soul 2 teaser, blink and you’ll miss it

Blade and Soul 2

Blade and Soul 2 is just one of the several games that are getting a sequel for mobile devices only (there's also Aion, Lineage, and many others). It's a sad state of affairs, but what matters in the end is that it can make a lot of money for the developers.

NCsoft has just revealed a short teaser to promote the game, and I should put the emphasis on short. In fact, there is nothing that tells what kind of game it will be, as there is nothing besides a barren landscape and a few characters walking very, very far away. Blade & Soul 2 is coming in 2018 – again, for mobile devices only – and this seems to be a different game from Blade & Soul Mobile, so don't get the two mixed up.

Here is the teaser.

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