Blade & Soul 2 MMORPG is delayed into 2019 for redesign

Blade & Soul 2 mmorpg

It looks like NCsoft isn't pleased with how Blade & Soul 2 is shaping up to be, and the Korean publisher has revealed that this mobile follow-up to the successful PC game will be delayed into 2019.

NCsoft management decided the game didn't live up to the expectations as an MMORPG and decided to delay the release for major redesigns involving a new team. Originally revealed in November 2017, Blade & Soul 2 is in development for mobile platforms, with no PC version in sight.

Here's a hint: if you want to make Blade & Soul 2 as a true, in-depth MMORPG, forget mobile and create it with PC in mind. Just a thought.

NCsoft also doesn't seem to be too bothered with the Battle Royale craze, and prefer to focus on their MMORPGs, most of them mobile (Aion, Lineage, Blade & Soul…) but also Lineage Eternal, which is finally on the right path and should release during 2019.

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