Blade & Soul: 24-man raid details, boss has 30 stages

NCSoft has revealed more details about the upcoming Blade & Soul 24-man boss raid, or new endgame dungeon, that was teased last week (thanks MMOCulture). We now know that the boss is a giant turtle kind of creature, roughly translating to Spirit Turtle. The scary thing about the Spirit Turtle is that it has 30 stages to go through, with different skills and summons (including mini-bosses) in each one. This equals over 22 million health points, something that will probably consume your patience.

This dungeon is said to be designed to make the new Warlock class shine and this one will even include a difficulty option, with a minimum of 6 players in the lowest difficulty setting, obviously also dropping the chances to get the better loot – the Spirit Turtle drops legendary trigram pieces, which form a power-up rune.




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