Blade & Soul: False Idols update brings two raid dungeons late July

Blade & Soul: False Idols update

False Idols is the next Blade & Soul update and it is coming on July 25, 2018. NCSoft has revealed that it will bring two new raid dungeons, Hall of the Keeper and the Hall of the Templar, among other things.

These two new raids are for 12 players and only for those of Level 55 – HM 12. Another requirement is to have completed The Emperor’s Tomb – Chapter 5: Stealing the Light. Below you can see The Barrier Keeper and The Templar, two automatons who are surely going to put up quite a fight. Great rewards are waiting for you, of course, such as Reign Maker Weapon Illusion and a couple of wing sets, Grand Celestial Wings and Hive Queen’s Wings.

False Idols also brings a new in-game event in Fortune Falls, where you have to challenge the Hopped Up Giganura.

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