Blade & Soul: Fire and Blood expansion is now live

Fire and Blood expansion

The Fire and Blood expansion is now live for Blade & Soul, and it's further proof that NCSoft is doing a pretty commendable job adding new content to this fantasy MMORPG.

The introduction of the Lyn Gunslinger is the thing that comes immediately to mind. But there's more, including the 12-member raid Koldrak’s Lair and the new single-player area Emperor’s Tomb. This is a place where you'll build up your defenses, complete quests and see how they impact the game world. There is the Cherry Blossom Treasure Trove event to celebrate spring, and the Fire’s Favor Event is there for you to complete daily and weekly quests in exchange for Favor Tokens.

There is more to the Fire and Blood update, so go check the patch notes.

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