Blade & Soul’s producer talks 2018, new greatsword-wielding class coming

Blade & Soul greatsword new class

Blade & Soul Producer Jonathan Lien spilled the beans on the game's past, present and future in North America and Europe. But we only really care about the future, right? And the future, as in 2018 brings one new class.

The new class is still nameless, but it is described as a “greatsword-wielding tank powered by brute strength”. Sounds like he/she isn't much into talking his way out of danger. However, and unlike other classes, you have to consume HP instead of Focus in order to use certain skills. This class is also very sturdy and takes a lot of damage, even gaining temporary immunity to incoming status effects. The release is planned for later this year, so you can expect more details soon.

Another exciting highlight is the move from Unreal Engine 3 to Unreal Engine 4, something that we recently reported from the Korean version. Visual detail and performance capability should both be greatly enhanced with this move.

What else is planned for the rest of 2018? Easy, take a look below:

• The continuation of Blade & Soul’s Epic Quest: Act 9
• New 12-player raids with formidable bosses that will push your combat skills to the limit
• New solo and 6-player Heroic dungeons—next up is the Circle of Sundering where you will go one-on-one with Master Hong!
• New Legendary Equipment Upgrade System—further upgrade and customize your hard-earned gear!
• Powerful new equipment and beautiful cosmetics
• New game systems—including the addition of fishing—and enhancements to existing systems
• New events, holidays, and quality of life improvements
• And much, much more!

You can read more about all of this in the Producer's Letter.

Blade & Soul greatsword new class

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