Blade & Soul: queue issues softened with more servers opened

The excitement surrounding Blade and Soul‘s launch is high as expected and as it's usually the case with high-profile MMOs, queue times are long and servers are struggling to handle the influx of players. Aware of this, NCsoft has recently promised that they would raise the maximum capacity of the servers while ensuring they remain stable, restrict character creation as needed and offer a limited-time item transfer service to get people off of high population servers that has already ended. There was also a hotfix that includes a much-requested auto-kick feature for players who have been inactive.

On top of that, new servers have just been added a few hours ago, where wait times should be a bit shorter. The new servers for North America are Dochun, Gunma, Junghado and Yunwa while Europe gets Angler's Watch and Greenhollow.

Upcoming content for Blade & Soul has just been teased and the Warlock class is one of the highlights.

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