Blade & Soul announces Rage of the Hive Queen for October 18

blade and soul Rage of the Hive Queen

A new update is coming to Blade and Soul in a few days. Titled Rage of the Hive Queen, it is scheduled for October 18 and comes with a new, buzzing raid boss. She is waiting for you inside the Temple of Eluvium:

“Zulia has sought refuge deep within the mysterious inner chambers of the Temple of Eluvium; and you’ll need to follow her. Lost in her rage and fear, Zulia has no desire to be found, and has turned the Temple’s preternatural guardians against any who dare enter. Should you manage to survive the onslaught of the giant Augerites, powerful fiends, and twisted harpies, you’ll need to face Zulia herself—as the newly crowned Queen of the Hive.”

The Aransu School story line continues and you're tasked with defeating the Vileblood Thrall. From October 18 to November 8 a daily even will allow you to get some rewards from the Ghoulish Gift Box, and a new Merchant of Wonders, Shin Baeyun, will be making an appearance.

Blade and Soul Rage of the Hive Queen

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