Blade & Soul Taiwan enters open beta on November 20

NCSoft just announced the open beta date of Blade & Soul in Taiwan – the beta begins on November 20. Just like the China version and unlike the Korean version, the Taiwanese Blade & Soul is going to be free-to-play. Better yet, it will include some improvements that are bound to make gameplay more enjoyable, such as removing the stamina system and offering permanent costume drops. This version won't include a VIP system (thanks MMOCulture).

While NCSoft is working on this version, we're still waiting for news on the Western Blade and Soul versions. We haven't given up hope yet and we're willing to admit that NCSoft is targeting 2015 as the release year for Blade & Soul North America and Europe, but we would really love some feedback from the studio. Anything would do – a screenshot, a simple “more news soon” or even a cancelation, just don't leave us in the dark anymore!

If you understand Chinese, you can watch the Blade & Soul Taiwan open beta announcement video below.

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  • kungfuevil

    Bah, i don’t know what people expect, the B&S site wasn’t updated since 2 years ago… And this is not a new trend, NC is horrible at communicating with the fans, they proved that with aion. Even if the game wouldn’t be bad, (it is) i wouldn’t play it if NC manages it.

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  • Yoloq

    Inspite of the freaking terrible communication with the fans, I’d still like to play the game because it’s awesome, the fucks who manage it for the western and original developers, are those who I don’t like. 2 years and no official statement. Game better come in 2015 or i’m gonna probably drop my hopes on this game, ncsoft and the western developers already lost a lot of potential players due to the shittiness of communication.

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    • freemmostation

      I agree that the (lack of) communication on their part is what is turning a lot of players away. If 2015 is the release date then they should at least give fans some kind of teasing to keep the hype alive.

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