Blade & Souls new expansion Desolate Tomb launches on August 24

There's another Blade & Soul expansion coming soon, something that somewhat didn't surprise us, as NCSoft's release rate is pretty good. Desolate Tomb is the name of the upcoming update, which will release on August 24. The dungeon of the same name is the highlight of the expansion and comes in 4- and 6-member versions, with the Talus Army having invaded the Tomb of Exiles to study ancient Naryu automaton technology.

Desolate Tomb brings PvP improvements, such as weekly and Seasonal rewards for 3v3 Tag Match and 6v6 Whirlwind Valley, with the premade party size now capped at two players to improve the matchmaking experience. There's a weapon evolution discount, with the materials required to evolve your weapon to the next stage permanently reduced, and a new weapon path that provides additional discounts.

Finally, Blade & Soul gets a DPS meter so that you can measure your damage output, and also see the output of your party members.

You can read more (but not much more, as the details are scarce) on Desolate Tomb on the official website.


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