Blade & Soul’s producer letter talks upcoming content, Soul Fighter in June 22

Blade and Soul Producer Nico Coutant reveals NCsoft's feelings on the state of the game since its January 2016 launch and the plans for upcoming content. The studio is extremely happy with the state of the game and is aware of the issues caused by bots, spam and other means of cheating, taking “continual steps in reducing bots and cheating in the game.”

The Vengeance Breaks update was just released and the new Soul Fighter class is coming on June 22, 2016, with multiple events to celebrate this arrival and a free character slot to everyone for a limited time, the same that happened when the Warlock class was released.

The roadmap below also shows that Act V and Act VI are planned for Q3 2016 as well as a few new dungeons, so there is plenty to look forward to in Blade & Soul.


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