Blade & Soul’s Ruins of Khanda Vihar update launches on December 7

Blade & Soul ‘s Ruins of Khanda Vihar update is coming soon and introduces a new epic questline, Khanda Vihar, as well as a new end-game dungeon, Naryu Foundry and a few new Legendary accessories.

Here is the description setting the tone of the Khanda Vihar questline:

“This sweeping new multi-chaptered questline will send you to investigate the bizarre happenings plaguing the town of Sandstone Refuge—sounds of weeping, black feathers falling from the sky, and a foreboding presence. Assisting the town’s citizens sets you off on a grand adventure across the world where you'll reunite with Dokdan the Wise and unravel a dire mystery on the ancient Naryu island of Khanda Vihar.”

The Naryu Foundry dungeon is a 4- and 6-member dungeon, a factory built into the side of a mountain that was once used to build the Naryu automatons, but is now home to more devious plans. Rewards for those who overcome this “new pinnacle of difficult” include a Forging Orb, an Acrimor Soul Shield, a Legendary Belt – Eternity and an Honorary Ornament, as well as a few cosmetics.

Take a look at two shots from the Naryu Foundry. Seems very steampunk-ish and creepy, right?




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