Blade & Soul’s Shadows of the Innocents expansion launches July 20

We're in July already and we still haven't heard anything about a new Blade & Soul expansion, so does this mean that the world is coming to an end? Oh wait, what's that… yes, it's a new Blade & Soul expansion, phew! Shadows of the Innocents launches July 20 and continues the story of this martial arts epic with Act 5 & 6. Here is what you can expect from the storyline: “The long-defunct Ebondrake Cult has arisen in the wake of the Dark Lord's failed invasion. Can you stop them while mentoring the next generation of Hongmoon students?”

We also get three new heroic dungeons: Gloomdross Incursion and Shattered Masts, available in 4-and-6 player modes, and Grimhorn Wilds, a 24-player instanced dungeon.

You can see read a bit more about Shadows of the Innocents here.


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