Global Bless Online takes us in a stroll through its dungeons

Bless Online dungeons

After the unveiling of the Bless Online global release and subsequent Steam page, Neowiz only shared a few vague hints about what this version was going to be. Now, the developers take us on a stroll through its dungeons. It's not a very detailed look, I have to admit, but it's something, right?

The Neowiz team shares a few screenshots of Bless Online dungeons and reveal the oh-so-secret reason for players to go into dungeons: “The most basic reason for exploring dungeons is for the special items, but clearing dungeons with friends and party members is also a fun and worthwhile experience!” Oh, I didn't know that!

Said no one ever.

Anyway, dungeons are places that you can't really avoid if you're getting into an MMORPG, so you'd better get a nice team and work on making the most of each class' tactics. These are also places where you'll learn about secrets from the past, or discover that key that was missing to solve a mystery.

There are solo dungeons at the beginning, and later on you'll get to explore 10-player raid dungeons, each one with its own specifics. Some special dungeons may provide you with rare crops and mineral materials. Take a look at the new dungeon screenshots below.

Bless Online is expected to release during 2018 in the English market, published by Neowiz itself, after the deal with Aeria Games crashed and burned. Oddly enough, there's still no talk of the business model for a game that is free-to-play everywhere else (Korea, Japan and Russia), so let's hope they keep it F2P here as well.

Bless Online dungeons
Bless Online dungeons
Bless Online dungeons


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