Bless Online mystic class update coming in the first half of 2019

Bless Online mystic class update

Neowiz has talked in some detail about its plans for Bless Online in 2019. The latest Bless Online expansion raised the level cap to 50 and added a new dungeon. In December 5, a new stage is coming that will see the “Rift of Space and Time re-open.”

The first half of 2019 is finally going to bring the Mystic class, which was made available in Korea in October 2016. The official post mentions that “the next new class, the Mystic, is currently in development”, but many players aren't pleased with the delay. There is no exact release date yet, as Neowiz wants to ensure a “balanced, enjoyable experience.” The Mystic is a healer class and most suited to provide support for other players, but it is also capable of attacking and using Damage over Time effects.

Next year should also bring new dungeons, new skills and new Realm vs Realm content – this one introducing PvPvE in Bless online.

Obviously, many players are complaining about the lack of news on the optimization and performance fronts, but that is a staple of Bless Online's discussions already.

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