Bless Online releases on Steam today as free-to-play

Bless Online releases on Steam

This is it! Today is the day when Bless Online releases on Steam as free-to-play – as it was always expected to be – to a crowd of players that are probably split in half. Half of them hate Bless for its Early Access conundrum, and the other half was eagerly expecting this day to come, knowing that it was inevitable.

By now you probably know the long, hard road that Bless Online had to travel until reaching this milestone. Early Access in particular equaled troubled times, and either Neowiz failed to properly communicate things, or players are just dumb. Neowiz is obviously excited for this official launch, reminding players that there are some new DLC packs waiting for them, wink wink.

Bless Online will release with new German localization and the next update is already planned for November, with a level cap raise and new content.

Will you be playing Bless Online?

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