Blue Protocol closed alpha gameplay pops up for your viewing pleasure

Blue Protocol closed alpha gameplay

With the first closed alpha test out of the way, Bandai Namco is now taking player feedback and improving Blue Protocol. The NDA expressively didn't allow any sort of gameplay or screenshots, but leaks are inevitable and some Blue Protocol closed alpha gameplay is already making the rounds.

The way that the characters move instantly give me a KurtzPel vibe. It's a trademark anime thing, but I can't shake the similarities. Combat also invites comparisons, being definitely more KurtzPel than Black Desert Online, as some testers have reported – perhaps they aren't aware of the existence of KOG's anime brawler?

The videos, some of them available at VK, don't show much in the way of the city, but the last one shows a vast region to explore. It's not much to sink your teeth into, but it gives you a fair idea on what to expect from the gameplay.

Bandai Namco mentioned that it has no plans to bring Blue Protocol to the west at the moment. However, this statement needs clarification, as explained : The Japanese version is in development and the natural release pattern goes somewhat like this: establishing the game in their region (Japan in this case, but usually Korea) with the open beta release, then moving on to other territories. Russia is normally next in line, with North America and Europe coming next. It's a pattern that Lost Ark is going through at the moment.

So, a western release for Blue Protocol is extremely likely, but Bandai Namco has other things to consider before moving the plot forward. For now, enjoy the Blue Protocol closed alpha gameplay videos.

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