Brawlhalla officially punches into release next week on PC and PS4

brawlhalla official launch

Brawlhalla, the kick-ass free-to-play 2D fighting game is getting ready for the official launch. After a lengthy – but free – early access period on PC, players will get to enjoy the full scope of this game.

But it's not just PC players. Indie developer Blue Mammoth Games has revealed that the PlayStation 4 version is getting released at the same time, October 17, 2017.

Brawlhalla was getting very positive reviews on Steam right until the latest update, which was released in September. The main culprit seems to be the new dashing feature, which has enraged players and seems to have a high potential to break the game balance. Will the developers do something about this? Will they not? Only the future – and the devs – will tell.

Check the official Brawlhalla site and watch the new cinematic below.

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