QC Games’ 4v1 Breach will be published via En Masse launcher

Breach will be published via En Masse launcher

In an unusual move for free-to-play, developer QC Games has reached an agreement with TERA publisher En Masse to have its game Breach available via En Masse's store and launcher.

QC Games remains as the publisher and owner of the Breach IP, and plans on releasing its 4v1 dungeon crawler on Steam as well, but placing it in En Masse's launcher is a good move for the company. QC Games and Breach will be at TwitchCon this weekend, so you can give it a spin if you're in the vicinity. Otherwise, you should sign up for the upcoming alpha at the official website and wait for a key. If you are not so lucky, then you have to wait for the free-to-play launch in 2019.

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