CABAL 2’s Calamity of War update is coming soon

CABAL 2 is about to get the Calamity of War update which will increase the level cap to 50, add new dungeons, equipment, skills, the new zone Great Wall and open world PvP Nation War. Players starting at level 45 are now able to join a cartel and fight for capture points on the Great Wall. Cartels fight to access three new dungeons, the Citadels, but the Great Wall also includes world bosses as well as chances to earn new equipment. Increasing the level cap from 45 to 50 will also bring a new set of skills and bonuses for each class.

CABAL 2's Calamity of War update was expected to launch today, but some technical difficulties led to it being delayed for what is surely a short period. ESTsoft is compensating players for the delay, with “a 50% increase to ALL currencies (Abysmo, Honor, Conquest, Challenge and Experience) gained for the next 24 hours, beginning on January 26th and ending January 27th.”


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