City Battle: Virtual Earth is a sci-fi MMOFPS with robots

City Battle: Virtual Earth MMOFPS

IDC Games has announced City Battle: Virtual Earth, a sci-fi PC MMOFPS with combat robots and arena battles. The development team is Russia-based Rikor, and this agreement will take the game to Steam and the IDC platform in Europe. Will it be playable in North America and other regions? We can't say right now.

City Battle: Virtual Earth features four main robot classes (Assault, Tech, Guard and Phantom) with over 70 subclasses (Thunder, Scout, Bomber…). These robots are controlled by humans safely from their command center. You level up all of your classes simultaneously, so there's no need to go back to one class and level it up independently. This is particularly useful as you can switch classes anytime during the battles. Robots can also be customized with skins, weapons and armor.

There is mention of a city management feature, where players win the elections and become the mayors of their own virtual city. Your role is to control the budget, form alliances and declare war, hiring ministers for the following areas: War, Culture and Social Development and City Planning. We're curious to see how this part of the game unfolds, and if there is anything solid to City Battle: Virtual Earth besides the fighting.

Anyway, we're eager to see more of City Battle: Virtual Earth as it could be the Transformers game that we need (without all the transforming), after the failure of Transformers Universe and the lack of a global release for Tencent's Transformers Online. The first closed beta is planned for Q3 2018 and will feature localization in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish and Turkish. You can register at the official website.

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