CliffyB’s F2P shooter Project Bluestreak is The Shattering, reveal next week

Update: As it turns out, The Shattering is the name of the major event in this game's lore. The final name of the game is LawBreakers.

Boss Key Productions has finally begun the countdown – literally – to the reveal of its free-to-play shooter previously known as Project Bluestreak. The official name is The Shattering and this sci-fi arena shooter runs on the Unreal Engine 4, with publishing duties relying on Nexon (Vindictus, MapleStory 2, Ghost in the Shell Online and many others).

For now, all we get is an official website with a countdown and an artwork depicting what looks like a post-apocalyptic scene. The reveals are scheduled for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 12PM Eastern time, and while we know nothing about what is to come, we're expecting that it includes the first proper gameplay footage. The only glimpse we've had so far on The Shattering was the short teaser below.

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