Combat Arms: Reloaded is coming to Steam soon

Combat Arms: Reloaded is coming to Steam soon

Fans of classic online multiplayer shooters are in for a treat with Valofe's latest announcement that Combat Arms: Reloaded is coming to Steam soon. No actual release date was announced, so it could either happen later today or… well, in a few days.

Combat Arms: Reloaded comes with an upgraded graphics engine that provides higher-resolution textures, better lighting and real-time shadows. There's a new Ranked matchmaking system to better balance the matches, as well as an updated and customizable user interface. The armoury has been streamlined, with cosmetic and base equipment versions becoming unified.

Last but not least, I want to highlight the always interesting promise of true free-to-play – Game Points can be invested in permanent equipment and Supply Crates, and these GP will be handed out post-match in a more generous way than before.

Combat Arms: Reloaded is a free-to-play first-person shooter featuring different modes of play including One Man Army, Elimination, Capture The Flag and Quarantine Regen, among others. There are 48 maps available and more to come, Valofe promises.

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