‘Competitive Quest Shooter’ The Cycle technical alpha begins today

Competitive Quest Shooter The Cycle

YAGER's ‘competitive quest shooter' The Cycle enters its technical alpha today. After five short and sweet alphas, the team behind the classic narrative-driven shooter Spec Ops: The Line, is ready for a new round of testing.

The technical alpha will run from today through March 31 and you need a key to join, so sign up at the official The Cycle website. Previously available through Steam, The Cycle will end up being an Epic Games Store exclusive and this technical alpha is already running through this launcher.

The patch notes mention several upgrades since the previous alpha, including a new weapon, various graphical improvements to map locations, slightly better character customization and plenty of balance changes.

Our time in the previous alphas was a blast and I definitely recommend you to try The Cycle. This is not just another bland shooter or a Battle Royale game – it is a deep game with quests that you can tackle in any order and where PvP is mostly optional.

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