Cookie Run: Kingdom releases new update Legend of the Red Dragon

Cookie Run Kingdom Legend of the Red Dragon

Devsisters have released the new update for the hugely popular hero collector RPG Cookie Run: Kingdom. Called Legend of the Red Dragon, it brings a new episode and adds two new cookies to the huge list of available characters.

The two new cookies are the following:

Cookie Run Kingdom Legend of the Red Dragon new cookies

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Pitaya Dragon Cookie – A new Dragon-grade Charge Cookie, Pitaya Dragon is equipped with a Draconic Bladestorm which launches flying swords at enemies, inflicting substantial damage and impeding their healing capabilities. Furthermore, when transformed into a dragon, it unleashes a scorching breath that engulfs everything in its path, damaging adversaries and imposing a debuff that increases their vulnerability.

Royal Margarine Cookie – An Epic-grade Ambush Cookie known as the last dragon rider, this Cookie rides a buttercream wyvern. Royal Margarine fires buttercream balls at enemies, inflicting damage, and poisoning them, while simultaneously reducing their attack and defense.

The new episode Legend of Red Dragon features Ancient grade, Hollyberry, and the new Pitaya Dragon Cookie embarking on an adventure to the Dragon’s Valley. Trapped in a Cookie’s body, Pitaya Dragon Cookie makes a tempting offer to Hollyberry Cookie. If Hollyberry helps the dragon regain its power, the Dragon will join Hollyberry in the fight against the Dark Enchantress Cookie, the main villain of the Cookie Run franchise.

There's also the new content called Hall of Encounter bringing a wealth of rewards and buffs for your cookies. By completing missions, players can acquire points that can be used to level up these Cookies, enabling them to reach new heights of power. Furthermore, both fixed rewards and random reward boxes can be obtained along the journey, providing even more surprises and incentives for Cookie enthusiasts. Get ready to embark on this exciting adventure and reap the benefits that await in the Hall of Encounter.

Last but not least, a new system called the Chance Up Cookie Gacha has been added, offering an increased probability of obtaining specific Cookies. This update brings a higher chance to encounter sought-after Cookies such as Hollyberry Cookie, Wildberry Cookie, and Royal Margarine Cookie from the Dragon's Valley Expedition, surpassing the odds of the existing high-rank Cookie gacha. Additionally, slots have been introduced to enhance the likelihood of obtaining desired Cookies by allowing players to select two Epic grade Cookies. This feature grants greater flexibility and increases the chances of acquiring your favorite Cookies through the gacha system.

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