Corepunk MMORPG revealed, feels like the child of Diablo and League of Legends

Corepunk MMORPG

The new Corepunk MMORPG was just revealed by Dutch developer Artificial Core. This is the first game from the studio, with over one hundred staff working on it for more than five years.

Corepunk wears its diverse influences proudly, being a bold mix of several well-known games. The art style is undeniably League of Legends, and if this turned out to be the League of Legends RPG that Riot Games is working on, no one would be shocked; that ship has sailed though.

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Torchlight is another name that springs to mind, due to its stylish graphics and colorful palette – Torchlight Frontiers probably just met its match, despite the game's subtle differences such as combat and Corepunk's seamless open world.

Obviously, Diablo is the main reference here, with the top-down view and loot. However, the game is set in a fictional universe where four different cultures clash: cyberpunk, steampunk, dark fantasy, and science fiction.

Corepunk also adds the interesting mechanic of fog-of-war. While prevalent in real-time strategy games, this is far from common in MMORPGs. According to the developers, it opens a host of new tactics and strategies, such as ambushes, rushes, and luring your enemies into a trap devised by your cleverly concealed teammates. These are particularly useful in PvP, as your tactical expertise combines with a skilled use of fog-of-war.

Corepunk MMORPG screen

The Corepunk MMORPG features seem to tick all the mandatory boxes. You have crafting and mining professions, farms, arenas and battlegrounds for PvP combat, main and side quests, raids, randomly generated dungeons, and a lot more.

Artificial Core still hasn't decided on the Corepunk MMO business model, but the studio claims that it is “fundamentally against the pay-to-win model.

Watch the Corepunk gameplay trailer below and let us know what you think. The official website is live and you can sign up for the beta right now.

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