Project BBQ Release Date | When will Dungeon Fighter Online 3D release

Project BBQ Release Date

Nearly a year ago, Nexon and Neople have announced Project BBQ. This upcoming fighting game is in fact the Dungeon Fighter Online sequel, following on one of the most popular PC games in the world. Released in 2005 in Korea and 2010 in North America, it remains as one of the most profitable games worldwide, all platforms combined. A Project BBQ release date is something that many players are eagerly waiting for, so let's investigate further.

Project BBQ Release Date | Dungeon Fighter Online 2 Release Date Info

In face of such popularity and demand, developer Neople, a subsidiary of Nexon, had to seriously consider a Dungeon Fighter Online sequel. With high expectations on its shoulders, the Korean studio needed to carefully consider how to tackle this project.

Will Dungeon Fighter Online 2 remain a side-scrolling action game as the original? Or would it be better to upgrade it, making a Dungeon Fighter Online 3D action RPG to please a younger audience used to games such as Kritika and SoulWorker?

Project BBQ Dungeon Fighter Online 3D PC Sword Master

The choice for Project BBQ was full 3D, with a brawler that looks amazing. While the December 2018 reveal impressed many players, the Project BBQ release date is yet to be announced. Considering that a few years have passed without any substantial updates, late 2022 or early 2023 seem like a realistic Dungeon Fighter Online 2 release date. We're talking about a Korean release, as the MMOs that launch simultaneously in various territories are few and far between. This may not be the news that many players want, but it's better to have a full development cycle than getting an unfinished and rushed product.

Furthermore, Neople is working on DNF Duel and Dungeon Fighter Overkill as well, which means that the various teams have an internal schedule that we're yet to learn. Nexon may choose to release the various games in regular intervals so that they don't overlap, and apparently DNF Duel is the first in the pipeline.

As it happens with all MMOs – and Project BBQ is an MMO, or more specifically a mix of MMORPG and MORPG, as Game Director Myung-Jin Yoon explained -, a couple of beta stages should happen before. So, while the Dungeon Fighter Online 3D release date may not be expected for 2022, a beta test is almost sure to take place.

Project BBQ runs on Unreal Engine 4 and is currently developed with a PC focus, although consoles aren't out of the picture. Unlike the first game that was hub-based, it features a seamless world, where players are free to run across fields and villages, entering instanced dungeons.

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