Crossout adds a totally unexpected Battle Royale mode

Crossout battle royale

My crystal ball was right – it was only a matter of time before Crossout got some kind of Battle Royale mode. After all, in a game about vehicular combat, it shouldn't be too hard to create something like that.

The Crossout update 0.9.50 brings the new Battle Royale mode to the Wastelands. It won't be 100 players in the same map as in other Battle Royale games, but it's still 32 survivors striving for the win. Everyone drives a buggy initially armed with Augers only, spawning in random points of the map. The player must find weapons, modules and structural parts on the map to install on his car, and there is a deadly storm that prevents players from sitting tight in one spot for most of the duration of the battle. This is a solo mode for now, so no alliances, but the developers are working on a separate group mode.

The update also brings the new map Blood Rocks, a rugged location with several mountains and buildings made of rusty iron.

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