Crossout update adds clan wars, new map and brawl mode


Crossout's new update 0.7.20 just made this vehicular combat game bigger and better. Among the new additions, you have the new Two Turrets map, available exclusively for the Cargo Race mode. Now you can show your faction proudly with new faction flags, temporary parts that will give you bonus to the reputation.

As for the new game modes, there's the Big Black Scorpions Brawl. Each survivor gets a light and fast armored car, absolutely identical to every player, and the goal is to destroy as many enemies as possible. The one who destroys more enemies is rewarded with scrap and a DIY container.

Finally, a major addition to the game: clan wars. A group of four players from the same clan can join a battle and earn points by participating – winning increases clan rating while defeat reduces it. When the tournament ends, clan players receive uranium ore as a reward, based on their final ranking.


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