Cryptic Studios announces new MMORPG based on Magic: The Gathering

Magic: The Gathering MMORPG

Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios have just announced a new free-to-play Magic The Gathering MMORPG based on the trading card game of the same name by Wizards of the Coast. Described as an AAA RPG developed from the ground up for both PC and console and should allow players to “immerse themselves in the Multiverse, the rich fantasy world in which Magic: The Gathering takes place”. No name was revealed yet, with this and further announcements coming at a later date.

The official Cryptic Studios website was recently revamped and says that in this game, acting as a Planeswalker, “you explore amazing worlds, combat powerful creatures, and meet the legendary beings that shape the fate of the multiverse.”

“This game is an exciting part of Wizards of the Coast’s Magic Digital Next initiative to extend gameplay beyond the tabletop, and we’re proud to work with the talented team at Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios to bring the Magic: The Gathering Multiverse to life,” said David Schwartz, Wizards of the Coast Vice President of Digital Publishing.

“Everything from the graphics to the gameplay is being targeted for a truly unique AAA game,” said Stephen D’Angelo, CEO of Cryptic Studios. “We’re thrilled to provide Magic fans with an opportunity to explore the game’s worlds and characters through an entirely new lens. Get ready to embark on a brand new journey.”

This new game extends the license agreement between Perfect World, Cryptic Studios and Wizards of the Coast, which previously worked on the MMORPG Neverwinter, which is said to have over 15 million registered players.

“It’s Magic: The Gathering like you’ve never experienced before,” said Bryan Huang, CEO of Perfect World Entertainment. “We are ecstatic about the direction of the game Cryptic has been shaping. It’s always been a dream of ours to bring Magic’s Planeswalkers to a modern RPG.”

We'll keep following this game and we can't hide our excitement for what Cryptic Studios has in store.

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