DarkScape: official open world PvP twist on RuneScape, now live and F2P

Jagex has just announced and released a free-to-play, PvP-focused alternate version of RuneScape called DarkScape. Entirely free-to-play (it includes areas of Gielinor usually reserved for members in the main RuneScape game), DarkScape is divided into regions of low, mid and high risk, each one with its own economy and correspondent resources and rewards. It's a matter of protecting trade routes, hold resource plots and always be on your guard as PvP could happen anytime – the safe areas are extremely rare. DarkScape uses the Legacy RuneScape combat system only.

You can play DarkScape using your existing RuneScape account. DarkScape has a separate save game to RuneScape and all players will start their journey at a base level. While DarkScape is F2P, RuneScape members benefit from double bank space, as well as +50% XP and an extra item kept on death.

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