Dauntless hub city of Ramsgate, home of the slayers revealed

Dauntless gameplay footage

In between all the monster hunting and gear upgrading, there is a place to rest in Dauntless, a place slayers call home: Ramsgate. This is the focus of the latest lore article from Phoenix Labs, detailing the Dauntless hub city of Ramsgate, built in rugged mountains and where artisans, merchants, and warriors from all over the Shattered Isles converge.

Ramsgate is “the edge of the frontier, the tip of the spear in the battle against the behemoth threat.” If you need an upgrade or a new piece of armour, you need to see Moyra Heigsketter; if you want weapons, then your man is Wils Bormen. Gregario Flynt is Ramsgate’s Stylist and he offers dyes and cosmetic stuff to make you stand out in the city or in battle. Then there's Arkan Drew, the Athersmith, with his vast knowledge of arcane magic, and he can help you with aether and unlocking materials for crafting. Ramsgate is also home to three factions: Stormchasers, the Orrery, and the Crimson Blades. You will have, of course, to find favor with them to unlock important rewards.

Dauntless' alpha is expected to begin soon and the closed beta is coming in Q3 2017. The open beta is planned for late 2017.

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