Dauntless goes snowy with new Frostfall event

Dauntless Frostfall event

Not long after the huge Sharpen Your Skills update, Dauntless sees the release of a new event that brings more content.

Titled Frostfall, this event celebrates the holiday season until early January 2018, with more content and a thick layer of snow across Dauntless' lands. You can expect new hunts and quests, a more in-depth character creation system, exclusive rewards and more.

One of the things to lookout for is dual Behemoth encounters, which should spice up your hunt – battling two beasts is always better than one. Then you have three new consumables, including a portable campfire to stay warm during the hunt. You can also expect three new emotes that you can keep when the event ends, two new flares, more banner customization options and the much desired extra options for the character creator: new facial hair (mustaches!), eyebrow and face paint options.

This is just a rundown of the most important features added to this co-op action RPG, so make sure you check the details.


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