Dauntless Haunted Shadows Hunt Pass is coming to both spook and reward you

Dauntless Haunted Shadows Hunt Pass

The Dark Harvest is returning to Ramsgate on October 24 and the Dauntless Haunted Shadows Hunt Pass is coming as well. The launch is planned for October 31, right in time for Halloween.

Ramsgate is going to sink into eternal night starting today, with the Dark Harvest event that is running until November 5. Players will have to investigate mysterious glyphs from the Unseen cult. There is also a returning and creepy emote, the From Below arrival emote.

The Dauntless Hunt Pass Haunted Shadows will give you the chance to earn a full set of cosmetic armor on either the Basic or Elite track, and there's an Ultra Armour at Elite Track Level 50. If you love emotes, the Ghost of a Dog emote will both chill and delight you.

You can read more about the Dark Harvest and the Haunted Shadows Hunt Pass at the official blog.

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