Dauntless open beta nears, intro cinematic revealed

dauntless intro cinematic

Phoenix Labs has just released the opening cinematic trailer for the free-to-play monster hunter (or Behemoth) co-op action RPG Dauntless, which enters open beta on May 24, 2018. Only a couple of days to go.

The opening cinematic will be introduced in Dauntless with the beginning of the open beta, and sets the story and the world of Shattered Isles for players wanting to chase and hunt Behemoths. It's a thrilling ride as a group of Slayers are traveling to complete their training, but something goes wrong and one of them falls from the airship. Will it be his demise? Oh, the excitement!

We have waited for so long to see Dauntless reach open beta, so that more players could get into the fight. If you want to go ahead and prepare yourself, you can sign up for the beta at playdauntless.com.

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