Dauntless talks about customization and flare expression

Dauntless gameplay footage

As you should know by now, being a slayer is not just about killing scary behemoth – you have to look good while doing it. The latest Dauntless blog post talks about customization and how there are dozens of colors to choose from for your armor, as well as gradients and finishes (shiny, matte, etc.) that should allow players to create a look that feels unique. Rare cosmetic equipment will also make an impression, and you can apply a new look to your combat armor without changing your combat stats using a transmogrification (or “transmog”) stone.


There's also a bit about “flares you can use to express yourself and stamp the sky”, which will probably turn into some kind of neo-slayer art in the future or something. Flares are used for slayers to communicate while hunting the behemoths, but the explosion is the bit that you can choose, with “several dozen” designs ready at launch.

Banners are another thing and they let other slayers view your accomplishments at a glance, with different colors, patterns and details to unlock.

You can earn dyes, transmog stones, flares, banners, and other cosmetic items by slaying behemoths and completing quests, or by acquiring them from Chroma Cores purchased in the Dauntless in-game store. Chroma Cores are bundles of cosmetic items that you can use to personalize your slayer.

Dauntless enters open beta this fall, but we're counting on a closed beta sometime close to summer.


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