David Brevik’s is Path of Exile’s advisor for China

A few days ago, a mysterious tweet from David Brevik got everyone excited and guessing what the creator of Diablo and Marvel Heroes was up to. Many fans said he was going to work on a still unannounced Diablo 4, while others mentioned Path of Exile, and even a new game altogether.

The secret is now revealed, with David Brevik really getting involved with Grinding Gear Games and Path of Exile, currently one of the best action RPGs in the style of Diablo. However, David is actually working as an advisor for the Chinese launch of Path of Exile, with the help of Tencent. Chris Wilson, Grinding Gear Games Lead Developer, confirmed this on Reddit:

“Yes, David is an advisor for our Chinese Path of Exile launch. He's working with us and Tencent.”

We don't know if this actually means anything to the western version of Path of Exile – probably not -, so we don't feel as excited as if it were a new game.


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