Dead Maze goes through the different types of infected

dead maze closed beta

Because zombie apocalypses would be boring if there was only one kind of zombie – you know, the classic ‘freeesh meeeeat' and ‘braaaaains' kind -, Atelier 801 is throwing quite a bunch of different species of infected against you in Dead Maze.

The second part concludes the Special Infected that was shown previously with the last two of seven in total: the Avenger and the Tracker. The former prefers to surround itself with other infected behind whom it hides, and when the cannon fodder are killed by you, the player, it turns into a true berserker, capable of attacking anything that moves, including other infected!

Dead Maze infected

The latter is going to track you down wherever you may roam once it has spotted you, so you have to be on your toes at all times. It is really fast and capable of slowing you down with its claw attacks.

Dead Maze infected

Other kinds of infected include the themed infected, which are clearly recognizable by their outfit: firefighters, police officers, workers or scientists, among others, each one of them with their own abilities.

Dead Maze infected

The post concludes with a mysterious infected, known as The Peruvian. It is sometimes called the Adventurer, as this infected has seen things – it has traveled a lot, before and after the infection. It is really tough and it's not recommended to fight alone, but there are promises of sweet loot for those who defeat it.

Dead Maze infected

Dead Maze is about to launch as free-to-play early 2018, so you definitely should take a refresher course with our first look below.

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